Introducing C-SCAN

- the leading pipeline survey system for fast, accurate and objective reports on the location and condition of buried pipelines ... 








With 3 million km of buried Oil and Gas high-‎pressure transmission pipelines world-wide - laid ‎across deserts and arctic wastes; through ‎jungles and over mountains; under fields, roads ‎and rivers - leaks can be devastating:

dangerous to the public, damaging to the ‎atmosphere, the soil and the environment. ‎Every day there is at least one catastrophic ‎failure - and hundreds of minor leaks - with the ‎commonest cause being external pipeline ‎corrosion, itself the result of deterioration or ‎damage to the protective wrapping or coating.‎







  is the latest development of the series of non-contact pipeline survey systems for buried transmission pipelines.  is in regular use by the world’s petroleum and gas industries — producers, pipeline constructors, operators and survey companies.

Designed, developed and manufactured by Dynalog Electronics, for 20 years the leaders in buried pipeline location & condition assessment.


accurately locates the buried pipeline and displays its position and depth - even for pipelines under roads, concrete, sand, mud, growing crops, ice or water courses

displays the average condition of the wrap or coating between any two locations

pinpoints individual wrap or coating faults for excavation and repair

stores and analyses all survey data and prints out comprehensive reports, plots and maps utilising the GPS interface (integrated in model 2010 – external unit required with model 2000)  

using Dynalog’s proprietary software, downloads all data to a computer for further analysis and comparisons


  • does not require direct contact with the ground

  • does not require the pipeline to be marked out

  • does not require the operator to walk every metre of the pipeline

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